supervisors – Team

Maciej Stefańczyk

Blog His main research interests include the use of visual information on many fields, including robotics and computer entertainment systems. Read More ›

team – Team

Piotr Trojanek

Blog His scientific interests focus on mobile robot navigation and robotic systems specification Read More ›

team – Dr inż.

Tomasz Kornuta

Blog His scientific interests span from engineering of robot control software (programming frameworks, design patterns, model-driven engineering), to robot ontologies (formalization of knowledge, enabling further automatic processing and realization of complex tasks expressed in an abstract, symbolic manner), to development of intelligent robot behaviors (active perception, visual servoing, force sensing) to robot perception (mainly visual, RGB-D!). Read More ›

team – Team

Maciej Staniak

Blog His scientific interests focus on image recognition and visual servoing Read More ›

team – Team

Tomasz Winiarski

Blog His scientific interests focus on manipulator and gripper control (programming frameworks, force control, force and visual sensor data fusion for control purposes) and specialized mobile robots design. Read More ›