European Commission (EC) Active and Assisted Living Joint Programme (AAL JP)


scientific project

Integrated Solution for Innovative Elderly Care

Start: October 2018
Finish: October 2021
Principal Investigator: Tomasz Winiarski,
Researchers: Włodzimierz Kasprzak, Wojciech Szynkiewicz, Maciej Stefańczyk, Wojciech Dudek, Maciej Węgierek, Maciej Bogusz, Dawid Seredyński, Cezary Zieliński,

The European population is ageing and tends to live longer and independently which requires them to have a good quality of life in their daily environment. It is time for the European Commission (EC) Active and Assisted Living Joint Programme (AAL JP) to integrate the technological solutions brought about by the national and European funding programs into viable products for sustainable elderly care. In this respect, there is a lack of complex but well integrated solutions that are intuitively usable, personalizable, and take into consideration the user’s life span dimension. The “Integrated Solution for Innovative Elderly Care” – INCARE project addresses precisely these aspects. Its main objective is to build upon two successful platforms (AAL-NITICS and FP7-RAPP) a new readily available product whose seamless operability and modularity are demonstrated in extensive end-user pilots that help its fast uptake by the market. We will start from previously validated user insights and will use a co-creation approach to tune the INCARE solution. Pilots carried out in four different countries, i.e. Poland, Slovenia, Romania and Hungary, will not only aid the development but will also bring evidence about the effectiveness of the INCARE solution. At larger scale, our aim is to increase awareness and strengthen the trust of primary, secondary and tertiary users (especially policy makers) in the positive effects and huge potential of high-tech AAL solutions, including realistic use of robotic platforms.

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